Check the safety of your home this daylight savings

By checking your smoke alarm battery, placement, and functionality this daylight savings you can have peace of mind knowing that your house is covered for faster detection of smoke or fire.  Plan ahead to protect both your home and family.

Every year the NZ Fire Service attends over 3500 house fires. An even more alarming statistic is that of the 80% of fatal house fires attended, smoke alarms were either not working or not present at all.

Use our 3 simple daylight savings fire safety checklists below:


1. SMOKE & THERMAL ALARM MAINTENANCE (aim to do monthly):

  • Check all batteries are working
  • Clear of any dust, cobwebs, grease etc.
  • Press all test buttons
  • Ensure they aren’t obstructed in any way
  • Check the alarm’s use-by/expiry date


  • Mounted to the ceiling, 500mm away from the wall
  • For smoke alarms: install in bedrooms, hallways, stairways, and living areas
  • For thermal alarms: install in places where fires are likely to start faster such as the kitchen, garage, laundry or workshop
  • If you have arched ceilings, place alarm 500mm down from the peak on the ceiling
  • If using our Wireless Family alarms, ensure they are within 10m apart and can connect to each other
  • See our installation videos here


  • Leaving electric heaters on at night
  • Using electric blankets that are more than 5 years old or appear to be worn out
  • Plugging heaters into powerboards (plug into the wall socket instead)
  • Covering heating appliances
  • Having furniture, curtains, clothes and children any closer than 1m from heaters
  • Overloading clothes dryers
  • Not clearing lint from clothes dryers
  • Leaving fire places uncleared and without a fireguard

You may also want to consider adding a fire extinguisher to your home and establishing an effective escape plan. For a more comprehensive checklist of home fire safety, visit the NZ Fire Service page here.

CAVIUS provides quality products, delivering up to 10 years of consistent detection of smoke and fire.

Learn more about or new Wireless Family alarms which sync with one another meaning that if there is a fire in one room of your house, the other Wireless Smoke Alarms and Thermal Heat Alarms will sound an alarm too.

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