Safer by design

At CAVIUS, we apply meticulous attention to detail to all we do. That’s why we committed 10 years to refining our smoke alarm systems – looking closer at the technology within them, developing unparalleled technology which, when combined with the highest quality materials and manufacturing, means you don’t just get a more attractive smoke alarm system. You get a safer one.

The best of Scandinavian design

Our design philosophy focuses on functionality, simplicity and clean lines. We believe our products should sit in harmony with your home, complementing your style.

Safer by hand

All CAVIUS alarms are meticulously assembled by hand to meet Australian Smoke Alarm Standards – AS3786:2014 and global regulatory requirements. CAVIUS alarms use only the highest quality components to ensure quality, reliability, stability and to ensure products are 100% operational during their lifetime.

CORE Technology

CAVIUS photoelectric smoke alarms have CORE Technology – which was developed over 10 years by world-leading engineers and developers. Our photoelectric smoke alarms are the world’s first smoke alarms with stacked componentry – certified to AS3786:2014 for Australian regulations.

Optimal chamber size

Custom components

Bespoke software

Increased accuracy

Chamber size

How it works
Thanks to our world-leading CORE technology, the chamber in our photoelectric smoke alarms is the optimum size for early detection of smoke and fewer false alarms. As smoke enters the chamber and crosses the path of the light beam, the light is scattered so it hits the sensor and the alarm is triggered.

Investing where it counts

CAVIUS uses only the highest quality components to ensure your alarm is reliable, stable and 100 per cent operational throughout its 10-year lifespan.


The software in the CAVIUS smoke alarm includes a fire detection algorithm with features similar to that found in expensive analogue detection systems.

The software also includes a calibration routine, which stores a gain factor in flash memory. This is more accurate than the variable resistor set by hand on most other alarms, making it much more reliable long term.


All CAVIUS smoke alarms have a wide smoke entry in all orientations, which decreases contamination and false alarms while increasing accuracy of readings.

Safer by testing

Every single CAVIUS alarm has its calibration individually perfected in a cutting edge AW Technology smoke tunnel and its sound output checked in an an echoic room (at an accredited laboratory). All CAVIUS shipments are inspected by an external auditor before export and our factory is externally audited several times each year.