Fatal New Zealand House Fires all start the same way

Over 80% of every fatal New Zealand House Fires all start through smoke alarm negligence.

Fatal NZ House Fires And Smoke Alarm Negligence

Smoke alarm negligence occurs when a smoke alarm is either not working or not installed. This usually occurs because of a combination of factors that repeatedly occur across New Zealand ultimately leaving the home and it’s occupants in serious jeopardy.


  1. A smoke alarm is installed that has a limited battery life of 12 – 18 months.
  2. The smoke alarm battery runs down and starts beeping.
  3. The home owner removes the smoke alarm battery to stop the beeping intending to replace it.
  4. The home owner forgets to replace the smoke alarm battery leaving their home and family at risk of serious injury.

This is how smoke alarm negligence starts, yet it can be prevented by either replacing the battery immediately or purchase a smoke alarm with a long life 10 year battery.


New Zealand Fatalities

The most common causes of fire related deaths are drinking, cooking, faulty appliances or electrical wiring, items too close to a heater, and smoking. Smoke alarms were not present on over 80% of these fires according to the New Zealand Fire Service.


How Likely Is A House Fire in New Zealand?

The numbers may seem small when you look at the fatalities alone, however the incident of fires in New Zealand homes is more common than you would think. There are thousands of house fires every year, with winter the highest risk time of year.


Could you live with yourself?

This TV commercial by the New Zealand Fire Service, highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms, we are given a glimpse of the father’s nightmare of his little girl being injured in a fire. The commercial aims to press the haunting consequences of a fire in a home without smoke alarms. If a fire happened in your home — and you didn’t have working smoke alarms — could you live with the potentially disastrous consequences?

Smoke alarms are the number one life-saving device everyone should have in their homes. If you don’t have any, take 5 minutes now to find the nearest photoelectric smoke alarm store to you.


Protect Your Family For Longer

10 Year battery smoke alarms significantly reduce the domino effect risk of a smoke alarm battery running low,  being disconnected to prevent the beeping sound. and then never being replaced. We are humans after all and we have good intentions and want to replace it, however in reality, we know from the New Zealand Fire Service that over 80% of fatalities occur because a smoke alarm has been disconnected or isn’t found to be present.


Long life smoke alarms eliminate the need for you to worry about smoke alarms running low on battery. In fact, once you’ve installed it, you’re protected for 10 years with a long life smoke alarm that has long life batteries installed. This prevents smoke alarm negligence well before it puts your family it risk.