Five safety tips to keep your family safe from fire this winter!

Fire doesn’t discriminate based on the season, so make sure you’re keeping you and your family safe this winter with these five safety tips!

1. Keep a metre from the heater
Not using it? Turn it off!
Keep a clear space around your heater at all times. Kids, Couches, Curtains and Washing all need to be at least a metre away from the heater at all times. When you’re not using the heater, turn it off at the wall!

2. Clean your Chimney and Flue
Dirty chimneys and ashes can cause fires!
Always clean your chimney and flue before the first fire of the season. Remember that ashes can take up to 5 days to cool, so empty into a metal bin, pour water over them and leave outside for a few days before disposal.

3. Keep looking when cooking
Unattended cooking kills
Don’t leave the room when cooking. If you have to, ensure you always turn the stove off first! Unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires in New Zealand.

4. Use electric blankets safely
Keep warm and safe with electric blankets
Never leave your electric blanket on for long periods of time unattended. Keep the cord and control switch clear of the sheets and mattress. Don’t sleep with your electric blanket on. When storing over Summer – roll it, not fold it, to prevent the coils and wiring from kinking.

5. Test your Smoke Alarms
Test and check your alarm batteries
Yes, it seems simple but it’s surprising how many people don’t do this. Smoke alarms should be tested and cleaned every month! If the batteries in your alarm keep beeping, then it’s time to replace them – consider replacing the whole unit rather than just the batteries with a Cavius Smoke Alarm, which comes with a 10 year long-life battery!