The next generation of heat alarms

Thermal Heat Alarm

40mm, Battery Operated

The CAVIUS 10-year Thermal Heat Alarm detects fast, flaming fires in kitchens, garages, workshops and laundries, and keeps you and your family safer.

Using state-of-the-art Danish technology, the Thermal Heat Alarm monitors changes in ambient room temperature and sounds if there is a rapid, constant temperature increase. It is also the world’s smallest heat alarm at just 40mm.

If rapid and constant increase of temperature occurs or ambient  temperature reaches >58°C, the alarm will sound.

Product Code: 3004 CAVTH10

Freight Free Nationwide

Thermal Heat Alarms are designed for areas where a smoke alarm cannot be installed – such as; the kitchen, garage, workshop, or laundry.

10 Year long life battery

85dB(A) Sound decibel at 3 meters

Core Technology

This product features our latest innovation, CORE technology for precise signal processing.


10 YEAR LONG-LIFE Duracell Lithium Battery (sealed)

INTELLIGENT TEST BUTTON confirms the alarms thermistor software, sound output, and visual indicators are functioning

10 MINUTE hush button

30-DAY low battery alert

EASY INSTALLATION with the unique smart-clip ceiling mechanism

CEILING OR WALL INSTALLATION There are two installation options available, recessed and flush mount. Profile: 14mm (Recessed Ceiling Only) 37mm (Flush)


Technical Specifications:

SENSOR TYPE: Thermistor Heat detection

BATTERY: Duracell Lithium Battery CR123A 3V, 1600mAh (sealed)

SOUND LEVEL: 85db at 3 meters


MAXIMUM HUMIDITY: +95% Rh non-condensing

DIMENSIONS: 40mm diameter

CERTIFICATIONS: • CE, EN60065 • EN54-5 • RoHs • Reach