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Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

78mm, Battery Operated, Wirelessly Connected

Fitted with CAVIUS CORE technology, the Wireless Family Photoelectric Smoke Alarm has the optimal chamber size for photodiode amplifiers and a micro-controller, which ensures precise signal processing.

The Wireless Family alarms interconnect to each other using innovative Radio Frequency technology so when one alarm activates, they all sound.

Once connected; when one alarm starts to siren, it will send out a 360-degree signal, all other CAVIUS Wireless Family alarms in range will also start to siren.

This Danish design means that no matter where a fire is detected, all alarms sound, giving your family vital extra minutes for evacuation.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms should be installed in all bedrooms, lounges and hallways. For other areas where a smoke alarm cannot be installed (such as the kitchen, garage, workshop, or laundry) a Thermal Heat Alarm is recommended.


Since 2004 CAVIUS has lead the way in global smoke alarm development. We have proudly protected homes and saved lives. The unique Danish design, combined with a professional UK-based Research & Development team, brings you the worlds smallest and most advanced alarms.

What goes into manufacturing a CAVIUS Alarm?

CAVIUS Aps are the Danish designer and manufacturer of the world’s smallest smoke alarms. Our factory is audited once per year to ensure we are manufacturing alarms to international standards.

Every single CAVIUS smoke alarm goes through the following;

  • Tested in a smoke testing chamber and must sound an alarm by a certain time (which comply to AS3786 standards).
  • Sound output tested, to ensure the siren is working effectively.
  • Ten alarms from every batch are tested by an independent testing company; they conduct a smoke tunnel, sound, and impact test. Once they are satisfied, the batch is released, packaged and sent to the retailers.

Product Design winner 2011, 2013, 2016, 2019

Product Design winner 2011, 2015

Designex finalist, 2011