Why is my CAVIUS alarm beeping?

You installed your CAVIUS smoke alarm a few years ago and now it is starting to beep, no need to panic, there could be three possible reasons for this;

Reason 1:

From June 2011 till June 2013 CAVIUS originally sold only 5 Year smoke alarms, which had a 5 year replaceable battery (with an alarm life of ten years). How time flies! now our first ever alarms we sold will start to have a low battery and beep – this is perfectly normal and all you need to do is contact Fire Protection Solutions (Yellowpepper Distributors)  on 0800 542219 and they can provide a low cost replacement battery.

Reason 2:

CAVIUS Denmark have recently brought to our attention that there is a small faulty battery batch which, over time, was recognised by CAVIUS through constant product testing. The battery itself will actually last 10 years but it is the message the battery is sending to the alarm which makes it think it is going flat, however it is still fully operational, but we need to replace it for you.

Please visit this page and fill in all your details:  https://cavius.com.au/low-battery-support/

From there we will email you the next steps for receiving your replacement alarm. The CAVIUS team in NZ and worldwide apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused however we hope it just confirms the level of commitment and support that CAVIUS Denmark have for their product.

Reason 3:

Every smoke alarm needs some love and care. If your alarm is beeping (and not part of the faulty batches) or false alarming – it just needs some simple maintenance. Here is our online Maintenance Guide to help you ensure the alarm will function as it should with no hassles.

If you require further assistance or have any questions – please feel free to contact us on 0800 766 533 or via our Contact Us page.