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One smoke alarm is rarely enough, so we designed the CAVIUS Wireless Family to save you precious minutes. Our alarms (including heat alarms) interconnect with each other; when one alarm triggers, they all sound. With the Wireless Family, you don’t just get a more modern alarm system, you get a safer one.

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The world’s smallest smoke alarms. By looking a little closer at smoke alarm technology, challenging the science and refining every possible detail in its design and manufacture, we created the world’s smallest alarms. Our Nano range of alarms are barely visible – even right in the center of the room.

Installation Service

To make life a little bit easier, we now offer an installation service, from CAVIUS certified technicians, in the Brisbane area and selected locations around Queensland. Check availability while placing your order.

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Whether you are building, renovating, a landlord or homeowner; new smoke alarm legislation in Queensland requires you to install either mains powered or 10 year interconnected smoke alarms throughout your home. Compliance doesn’t need to be complex, find out how this legislation effects you and when you need to comply by.

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CORE technology.

CORE Technology is the first in the world to stack the components, within a perfectly proportioned chamber. Creating a safer smoke alarm with more precise signal processing – so you can sleep easy.