10 years in pursuit of safer

Recognised global
leaders, year after year

Product Design winner 2011, 2013, 2016, 2019

Product Design winner 2011, 2015

Designex finalist, 2011

Our Danish beginnings

In 2004, CAVIUS founder Glenn Hojmose left his job as an industrial designer in Denmark to start his lifelong pursuit of designing the most advanced, state of the art, aesthetically pleasing alarms.

He is now joined by a world-class team of designers, engineers, researchers and project managers, who together bring the CAVIUS product range to life.

Environmental Policy

CAVIUS recognises our duty to minimise our environmental footprint as much as possible and supply our customers with safe, long-lasting products.

That’s why we only produce photoelectric smoke alarms, minimise our material wastage and conserve the use of energy, water, and paper at our factories and offices. All our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and PE/PET plastic and our full product range undergoes annual environmental testing (RoHS, REACH etc) by highly-regarded international institutions.

Cavius reviews

“Brilliant products! Discreet, stylish and design driven. The best smoke and heat alarms available in the market.”

Lionel T.

“We had them installed in our new house a year ago. You don’t even notice them. People are amazed when I tell them it’s a smoke alarm!”

Jack J.

“This product warned us of a problem before we knew there was one! Brilliant!”

Callum M.

“We had these in our old house and knew when we moved we would get these again for our new house. We love the small footprint and also the more modern/commercial look. So easy to mount and, with a battery that lasts for years, you really can’t go wrong.”

Dean D.

“These little guys are much nicer looking that your typical fire alarms. We recently had an incident where our fireplace damper didn’t open properly, unbeknownst to us, and the smoke made its way through out the house setting off all four of our alarms one-by-one.”

Greg F.

“I really like these little alarms. They’re small enough that you don’t even notice them, but loud enough that you WILL notice them when needed.”

Diesel M.

“These are great! They are small and that’s why I like them. Even though they are small, they do not look cheap in any way. Virtually disappear in your space. Great price. This is the future of smoke detectors.”

Jose C.

“These are great smoke and fire alarms. I’ve always used and had great luck with Cavius. These are much nicer looking in our rooms. They are not bulky looking like the other ones.”

Charles Y.

“We haven’t had this go off in an emergency, so it is hard to truly rate it, but I feel better about having updated and had photoelectric alarms installed in the home. Nice size and easy installation.”

Ellen D.